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RE: War with the NPO 2
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War with the NPO Tabled Discussions and Proposals
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I have nearly always had a negative view of the NPO, even not knowing the full extent of their actions against various regions. In early 2017, I actually made a very pitiful attempt to bring the region down. However, I quickly saw the impossibility of the task and soon lost interest. Unbeknownst to me at the time, several members of the NPO were busy infiltrating the ranks of Lazarus.

Gatesville Inc became my home region starting in the Spring of 2017. Nearly since my first discovering NationStates I have been anti-World Assembly, and I felt that going back to the roots of the most prominent region with anti-WA tendencies would be a good move in trying to further that cause. I soon discovered, however, that the old members of Gatesville were all retired or very low energy. It was like trying to organize a professional football team from an old-folks home - it wasn't going to happen.

However, I did meet some new blood within the region. Pikasistan was in the region at the time, and we began working closely with each other to try and reform Gatesville. This was around the time that Curious Observations began releasing information about the elections in Lazarus, as gameplay became more and more aware of some kind of schism forming in the region. Pika and I observed at a distance, and decided that perhaps the best way to spread anti-WA ideology might be through involvement in the civil war. Perhaps if we picked the winning side we could gain some influence, and subsequently grow Gatesville. The whole idea was selfish, but we eventually chose to side with the Celestial Union - unaware that LWU (a close friend of Gatesville) would turn up on the opposite side.

The reason I am a citizen of Lazarus is because I got involved in last year's civil war. I did not initially join the war for the most pure reasons, but in the process, I made friends in the region, and became invested in the idea of a free and independent Lazarus. At the beginning of 2018, Pika and I tried to, while supporting our side of the war in Lazarus, revive Gatesville once and for all. Again, the place was an old-folks home. Through our meeting, they decided to retire Gatesville officially, and denied us the name of Gatesville in any future projects. Thus we created Gilgamesh, as the new home of the anti-WA.

I was split between two regions. I was trying to grow a new region while also fighting against the now Khanate in Lazarus. My region grew, but I could not dedicate myself to it. I chose to support Lazarus over the region I founded, and handed over the founder to Pikasistan. I should note that at this point, the NPO looked very good in the eyes of gameplay, as the LWU openly controlling Lazarus validated the ideals of Francoism and the userite/feederite divide. Had the NPO taken the region at this time I would have supported their effort, and the NPO would have won Lazarus with full support from Gameplay. But instead, Imkiville took the region, ending the war, and leading to what we have today.

For the months following the war, I believed I would forever keep my WA nation, Americastrailia, here endorsing Imki for the rest of my time here on NS. I believed the war was over, and Lazarus would now enjoy a long period of peace and stability. It was the end for me, except for maybe a few ideas I wished to inject into the GP community before retiring.

Cue the recent revelations about the NPO's involvement in the civil war I fought in.

As one invested in the security of Lazarus, learning of the NPO meddling has changed my perspective a lot. It turns out the effort I spent contributing to a free, independent Lazarus was misplaced. The real war that brought me here, apparently, was the war the NPO was waging on Lazarus. I now feel very silly for not having continued my war on the NPO. Perhaps if I had infiltrated them and waited for the opportune moment, I would be in a position to fight them effectively in this oncoming war. Perhaps I could have discovered Taskforce Lazarus sooner.

The point is, I have been fighting the NPO for nearly two years now, sometimes fully knowing, sometimes unknowing. Lazarus needs more people involved in keeping it secure - and the lack of a security force is exactly what has allowed it to be used so badly for the past several years. We would like to think that Imkiville won't be subject to the kind of attack Funkadelia was, but this is wishful thinking. The NPO has repeatedly tried to subject Lazarus. Why would they stop? Whether or not we declare war on them, we have every reason to believe they are continuing their war on us.

If we stay out of this war, we will become complacent. This will open up much more room for subversive elements to try and pull the same trick that was pulled on Funk, but on Imki - or for that matter, any other possible group in the region. If we declare war, however, then we all have some common goal to rally around. Those arguing against going to war claim that having a regional military could divide us, but I argue the exact opposite. Just look at every region the NPO has been discovered trying to subvert: we are the only ones that didn't have an army at the time. TNP, TWP, TSP, and Osiris all were taken advantage of in some way, but they had a military. Lazarus did not have an army, and it was the one that fell.

Declaring war is, in my mind, the only reasonable option we have at this point. The NPO has shown full-well that they intend to conquer Lazarus, whatever their moment-to-moment appearance might otherwise suggest. Furthermore, if we just sit back and take it, we only increase the odds that subversive attacks can succeed; if more people are aware of and take an active role in regional security, as is promoted by having a military, then the region as a whole can be more unified and secure against subversive attacks.

Finally, Lazarus is not alone in this - we have plenty of friends. If this was just us alone, fighting the NPO would be a hopeless cause. But our allies have begun war on the NPO, and our commitment to such a cause can only help it. We certainly have our own reasons to fight the NPO, but the NPO has also attacked our fellow GCRs. Even ignoring our personal grievances towards the NPO, we owe support to our fellow sovereign regions. This is not a selfish cause to fight for! There is hardly a region of any significance the NPO has not made an attempt to take, and given past actions we have no reason to believe them capable of or willing to change.

I urge all citizens of Lazarus to support the proposition to declare war on the New Pacific Order. We have given the matter considerable thought. Entering a state of war is the course of action that can win us justice, best contributes to our survival, and is an act of support for our fellow feeders and sinkers.

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