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  [AT VOTE] Prohibit Private Prisons
Posted by: TempestShadow - Yesterday, 04:35 AM - No Replies

Category: Social Justice

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Christian Democrats

The General Assembly,

Persuaded that prisons should aim to reduce recidivism rates and to perform their functions at the lowest possible costs to the public that are consistent with the dignity of inmates,

Recognizing that capitalism promotes and that business enterprises pursue the acquisition of repeat customers and the maximization of profits,

Deeply concerned that capitalism, in the context of prisons, creates perverse incentives to increase recidivism rates (more repeat customers) and to increase public expenditures on prisons (greater profit maximization), contrary to legitimate penological goals and the general welfare,

1. Defines a "prison" as a prison, penitentiary, jail, jailhouse, or other correctional or detention center that holds and houses, on a permanent or long-term basis, individuals who have been convicted of crimes and are serving criminal sentences;

2. Further defines a "private prison" as a prison that is entirely owned and operated or primarily owned and operated by a nongovernmental corporation, a private individual, or any other private actor or actors;

3. Requires all member states and their political subdivisions, within two calendar years of this resolution's passage and in perpetuity thereafter, to discontinue their use of private prisons for the incarceration of individuals convicted of crimes and serving criminal sentences;

4. Recommends that member states and political subdivisions, lacking a sufficient number of public prisons, implement Section 3 of this resolution by using the power of eminent domain to transfer prisons from private hands to public ownership (i.e., nationalization);

5. Clarifies that this resolution shall not be construed to extend to home detention, private probation, supervised release, halfway houses, and other similar practices, making use of private properties or private actors, in the criminal justice system;

6. Further clarifies that this resolution shall not be construed to prohibit member states and their political subdivisions from contracting with private actors for the provision to prisons of goods and services, such as public utilities, foodstuffs, and health services, that are incidental to prison ownership and operation; and

7. Declares that member states and their political subdivisions, notwithstanding Section 3 of this resolution, may use private facilities and private actors for imprisonment on a temporary basis, but only when it is necessary for the safety, health, or welfare of prisoners -- e.g., an emergency evacuation before a hurricane requires a prison warden to relocate his prison population to a private facility that is located inland.

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  Form submission: Diplomatic Status/Visa Application
Posted by: Omega - 07-14-2019, 01:54 AM - Replies (1)

What region are you representing?: N/A

Are you replacing another ambassador?: No

If so, who are you replacing?:

What has brought you to Lazarus?: I am here to be a media correspondent for NationStates Today. I am here for strictly media reasons not diplomatic ones but would like to have access to any publicly viewable area.

Are you considering opening an embassy?: No

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  [PASSED] Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy
Posted by: TempestShadow - 07-13-2019, 05:28 AM - No Replies

Category: Civil Rights

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Morover

The World Assembly, by the advice and consent of the delegates and member nations thereof, and by the authority of the same, hereby:

Submits the following as fact:

   1. Transgender and gender non-binary people are real.

   2. Their experiences are not the product of "mental illness," "confusion," "disease," or anything of the sort -- rather, their understanding of their relationship to the world in the lens of gender does not correspond with their biological sex.

   3. Their first-hand accounts of this understanding are real; each person is in the best position to understand and discern their own gender identity.

   4. Any distress arising from this real disconnect between sex and gender is referred to as gender dysphoria -- like any mental condition, it ought to be treated.

   5. Further, it ought to be treated in a manner that respects the fundamental facts: that transgender and non-binary individuals' experiences are real, and that their gender identity is not the same as their birth sex.

   6. One such way to resolve the distress is through hormone therapy, and the choice to pursue or not to pursue such treatment ought to rest firmly in the hands of the individual, rather than in the hands of the state.

Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, "hormone therapy" as a medical treatment involving the use of naturally occurring hormones for the purpose of altering one's secondary sex characteristics to more accurately reflect their gender identity,

Requires all member-states to legalize hormone therapy for all consenting individuals,

Requires all member-states to have an affordable, easy-to-access way for its transgender population to access hormone therapy,

Forbids any member-state from denying a transgender person access to hormone therapy as a punishment or as part of a punishment for a crime,

Forbids any member-state from forcing an individual to undergo hormone therapy.

Co-Authored by United Massachusetts

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  [AT VOTE] Commend The Rejected Realms
Posted by: TempestShadow - 07-11-2019, 05:55 AM - No Replies

Category: Commendation

Nominee: the Rejected Realms

Proposed by: Greater Cesnica

The Security Council,

Recognizing The Rejected Realms for its contributions to the international community through the Rejected Realms Army (RRA), one of the oldest and most successful defender armies in history,

Acknowledging the untold contributions of The Rejected Realms to the Alliance Defense Network (ADN) and later the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA)—both influential defender organizations that engaged in combat with the various insidious raider forces of the world,

Thanking The Rejected Realms for their assistance and leadership of numerous missions to defend and liberate regions in distress, including but not limited to:

I. Japan, a region of tremendous historical importance whose culture and historical artifacts would have been obliterated during Ireland's invasion had the RRA not intervened,

II. The South Pacific, one of the largest regions in the world whose internally-launched coup by then-Delegate Milograd would have forever negatively altered the course of world history,

III. Hogwarts, another historical region of high cultural significance whose invasion would have decimated a significant number of historical artifacts and erased an entire culture,

IV. Lazarus, the oldest Sinker region in the world, whose "New Lazarene Order" takeover by the government of The Pacific, the New Pacific Order, would have annihilated the accomplishments of the plethora of nations that have resided in and currently reside in the region,

Applauding The Rejected Realms' role in the successful defense of 10000 Islands against the Empire of Power in 2003; by the end of this conflict the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO) rose from the ashes of war and went on to become one of the greatest defender military organizations of all time, with over 3000 military victories against invader organizations,

Observing that The Rejected Realms' numerous interregional treaties have significantly bolstered international peace and unity, notable examples of which include:

I. The XYZ Treaty, which is a treaty between TRR, Mordor, and Renegade Islands Alliance that was ratified in 2014 and is intended to promote cohesion between, bolster existing military ties of, and strengthen the signatory defender regions,

II. The 2018 TRR-Forest Treaty of Harmony and Friendship, which is a treaty between TRR and Forest intended to promote cultural advancement between the two time-tested regions,

III. The January Accords, which is a treaty between TRR, The South Pacific, and The East Pacific that was passed in 2018, intended to form an alliance between three of the most powerful regions in the world as well as to renew the 2014 TRR-TSP Treaty of Peace and Amity; an alliance that significantly eased tensions between TRR and The South Pacific,

IV. The Unicorn Star Accord, which is a treaty between TRR and The North Pacific was written to nudge both regions into a mutually-beneficial friendship following the successful passage of the January Accords earlier that year, and to consolidate existing ties and connections between TRR and The North Pacific,

V. The Lost and Found Accords, which is a treaty between TRR and Osiris that was constructed to build warmer relations following the passage of the earlier 2015 Non-Aggression Pact between the two regions; a treaty that underscored the strength and inviolability of the existing connections between the two powerful regions and initiated an alliance between the two powers,

Establishing The Rejected Realms as a media superpower due to the various forms of media it uses to communicate with its members and outsider nations, including its periodic regional newspaper The Rejected Times, which has documented and recorded events across the expanse of the world for the purpose of the dissemination of knowledge since its re-establishment in 2013 and its official radio program Rejected Radio, which discusses interregional politics and world history,

Praising The Rejected Realms' commitment to domestic and world history through its continuation of The Rejected Realms Historical Society (TRRHS), a regional organization dedicated to the preservation of history and through its maintenance and continued use of its library, the Library of Spurned Knowledge, which currently holds hundreds of historical essays and pieces,

Believing that The Rejected Realms deserves official recognition from this esteemed body for its efforts to improve the global community and promote interregional harmony,

Knowing that with the passage of this resolution that The Rejected Realms will continue to strive for success in its pursuit of international peace and harmony,

Hereby commends The Rejected Realms.

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  [PASSED] Commen Common Territories
Posted by: TempestShadow - 07-11-2019, 05:53 AM - No Replies

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Common Territories

Proposed by: Kuriko

The Security Council,

Believing that any nation that has contributed in a positive manner to the international community should be internationally recognized for their efforts;

Noting that a nation named The Empire of Common Territories, colloquially known by the acronym of TECT, is one such nation deserving of international recognition for their positive contributions to the larger community of nations;

Acknowledging that although TECT is an imperialistic monarchist nation formed through civil war and conquest, as well as the odd purchase of land from foreign governments, the government of TECT is even handed with their subjects and provides many benefits to them such as:

    Allowing their subjects to form their own governments and control their own internal affairs within the Imperial Colonial State system.

    Allowing Imperial Colonial States to form their own internal military structures, known as the Home Guard, to better defend themselves.

    Providing a better policing structure to protect all members of their society, whether they come from the main Empire or from an Imperial Colonial State.

    Providing many jobs through the expansion of local and Imperial industries, raising the quality of life in conquered or purchased territories to be equal with members of society within the main Empire.

Recognizing TECT for the help they provide to the international community via state sponsored industries, including but not limited to the following:

    Wolf Armaments Incorporated, a large arms manufacturing company based in Empire City, TECT. Wolf Armaments Incorporated sells arms, equipment, and supplies intended for self-defense uses to nations and individuals alike. It is the belief of this state sponsored company that nations, as well as individuals, have the right to defend themselves.

    Royal Bancroft Bankcorp, a banking/financing services/investment Corporation based in Empire City, TECT. Royal Bancroft Bankorp provides three main amenities to their customers in the form of banking, finance, and investment. While a majority of their customer base may be within their own Empire, they also provide their services to foreign individuals and governments. Some of the governments they provide accounts to include Lamoni, Romaian, and Argentinstan.

    Commoner League Incorporated, a mercenary and paramilitary organization based within TECT. Commoner League Incorporated provides forces to both individuals and foreign entities for the purpose of security, where they place loyalty to the customer above all else. Within its 3 year operation Commoner League Incorporated deployed forces to dozens of nations, providing forces which those nations desperately needed themselves.

Admiring TECT's dedication to the empires, kingdoms, and monarchies of the world through their leadership in the Imperion Coalition, which is a political, military, and economic alliance for the betterment of their sphere consisting of 15 nations;

Reaffirming that TECT is more than deserving of international recognition and commendation for their contributions to the international community;

Hereby Commends The Empire of Common Territories.

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  [PASSED] Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II
Posted by: TempestShadow - 07-11-2019, 05:51 AM - No Replies

Category: Condemnation
Nominee: [Image: durkadurkiranistan_ii__768319t2.png]Durkadurkiranistan II
Proposed by: [Image: marilyn_manson_freaks__391298t2.jpg]Marilyn Manson Freaks
The Security Council,
Identifying the nation of [Image: durkadurkiranistan_ii__768319t2.png]Durkadurkiranistan II as a vile and ancient menace to the world, one that has upset the balance of power within many Feeder and Sinker regions.
Reminiscing about Durkadurkiranistan II's early days when they were known as John ashcroft land, a starchy but pleasant and skilled defender in the Alliance Defense Network (ADN) before they started down a dark and winding path of interregional infamy.
Lamenting the many evil influences that might have led Durkadurkiranistan II astray. For example, maybe it was simply their exposure to [Image: pierconium__333748t2.jpg]Pierconium's North Pacific Directorate (NPD) coup of The North Pacific as Pixiedance as a young nation, perhaps it was their involvement in the West Pacific Triumvirate (WPT) coup executed by [Image: wickedly_evil_people__143493t2.jpg]Wickedly evil people and their inner-circle, or possibly even their participation as a Lord Governor (Minister) in The Crimson Order (TCO), the illegal government of The North Pacific, created by [Image: westwind__152814t2.png]Westwind as [Image: lewis_and_clark__468223t2.jpg]Lewis and Clark.
Recalling Durkadurkiranistan II's first major step towards infamy when they illegally seized the delegacy of Lazarus in 2009 under the alias of Viceroy victorious, where they ousted the then inactive outgoing Delegate and Queen Harmoneia for their own personal gain. This illegal seizure of the delegacy lead to many days of regional strife as "High Tsar" Viceroy Victorious mocked the lawfully elected government and forced them to make concessions in order to regain the delegacy for their newly-elected King, [Image: killer_kitty__241719t2.png]Killer Kitty.
Dismayed that Durkadurkiranistan II's occupation of Lazarus wasn't enough for them, as they went on to invade The North Pacific twice, in 2009 and 2010. Once as Durkadurkiranistan, its legally elected Delegate and "Grand Ayatollah", and once during a transition for the position of Delegate as Durkadurkiranistan II.
Appalled that the lawful Delegate of Osiris, The dourian embassy, willfully and proudly assimilated itself into Nevadar and Durkadurkiranistan II's empire in 2013, allowing Durkadurkiranistan II to overthrow the legitimate government of Osiris, the Kemetic Republic (KRO), and claim Osiris for the notorious region of Gatesville while making a mockery of the KRO by styling themselves as the "Governor Imperator" of the Imperium of Osiris and by purging innocent nations. This invasion eventually led to the destruction of the KRO.
Also highlighting Milograd's 2013 coup of The South Pacific, in which the government of Milograd happily allowed Durkadurkiranistan II and a few other nations access to their national infrastructure. Durkadurkiranistan II metaphorically jumped at this opportunity and purged thousands of nations from The South Pacific and assisted Milograd and company in the foundation of the South Pacific Socialist Republic (SPSR), a destructive regime founded only to belittle and confuse The South Pacific's more established natives.
Recognizing that Durkadurkiranistan II is nothing but a monstrous tyrant and deserves nothing but the World Assembly's disapproval.
Hereby condemns [Image: durkadurkiranistan_ii__768319t2.png]Durkadurkiranistan II.
Co-authored with [Image: kuriko__822851t2.jpg]Kuriko.
Fri Jun 14 2019

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  [FAILED] Prevention of Mutually Assured Destruction
Posted by: TempestShadow - 07-11-2019, 05:48 AM - No Replies

Category: International Security
Strength: Mild
Author: Morover   

 The World Assembly,

    Aware that non-member-states outnumber World Assembly member nations by about 6-1, and the gap will only increase as time goes on.

    Believing that, though the World Assembly cannot enforce legislature upon non-member-states, it can still cause significant difference through enforcing laws to member-states.

    Acknowledging the efforts of past General Assembly resolutions that help establish laws regarding weapons of mass destruction.

    Further Acknowledging that member-states of the World Assembly must have some form of protection against non-member-states, and many seek solace through weapons of mass destruction.

    Concerned that, despite prior regulations to these weapons of mass destruction, that many states may use these weapons defensively, in the spur of the moment, in order to avoid destruction.

    Believing that, though mutually assured destruction can be a good deterrent, it can be more harmful than beneficial.

    Understanding that the increase in the use of more traditional weaponry may lead to a decrease in nuclear weaponry.


        Defines a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) as a chemical or nuclear weapon capable of causing damage resulting in the mass loss of life.

        Further Defines mutually assured destruction (MAD) as a last-ditch effort by a nation in war where they unleash these weapons of mass destruction on either a civilian or military area, with the knowledge that a return fire may happen, resulting in a chain of attacks via WMDs.

        Urges the member-states of the World Assembly to intervene in the case of MAD.

        Encourages members of the World Assembly to avoid retaliation in the form of WMDs in both offensive and defensive wars.

        Allows that, should reasonable threat be shown, member-states may use WMDs to prevent the destruction of their nation.

        Urges member-states to use conventional weaponry instead of WMD, in order to avoid MAD.

        Prohibits the use of automatic response systems to nuclear attacks.

        Grants the World Assembly Disaster Bureau permission to coordinate international cooperation to prevent the threat of MAD.
            Encourages the World Assembly Disaster Bureau to engage in diplomatic communications with member-states whose actions may lead directly to MAD, should it deem it appropriate to do so.
            Requires the World Assembly Disaster Bureau to report any individual whose actions have contributed to MAD to the World Assembly Judiciary Committee.

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Star There's a new Pacifican ambassador in town
Posted by: Marzipana - 07-10-2019, 06:50 PM - Replies (1)

And her name is Mars, but you all will know me better as Shoalia! It's a pleasure to meet all of you and to work with you in the coming months.

I'll be posting an update on our region soon, so stay tuned!  Smile

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Posted by: Mzeusia - 07-08-2019, 06:43 PM - Replies (4)

The name's Eusia. Mz Eusia.

I've never been called Eusia. It's always been either Mzeusia or Zeus, although if you want to call me Eusia, that's fine. 

I'm looking forward to exploring the forum, stealing some biscuits and working on hunting down Goldfinger.

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  Form submission: Citizenship Form
Posted by: Mzeusia - 07-08-2019, 06:25 PM - No Replies

Did you submit this using a IP proxy?: No

Nation in Lazarus: Mzeusia

WA Nation: Mzeusia

NS Identities: Mzeusia
My other major puppet is Thoonia, which currently resides in The East Pacific.

Have you been accused of any crime/s in other regions?: No

Have you participated in any other region/s?: Only one other region, I have been a citizen of The North Pacific, but have not held any positions.

Do you affirm this information is correct?: Yes

Oath of Membership: From this time forward, I voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledge my loyalty to Lazarus and her people, whose community ideals I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

What areas of the region are you most interested in?: Culture & Role-playing i.e. World building and regional events

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