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[FAILED] Condemn Kyrusia - TempestShadow - 09-02-2019

Author: Marilyn Manson Freaks

The Security Council,

Recalling the fabled creation of Kyrusia: one deeply shrouded in mystery.

Reminiscing about how the Overgoat, who was soon to be the Overlord of Kyrusia, fell from the stars, landed on this world, and almost immediately after, founded the autocratic hellhole that is now known as Kyrusia.

Aware of how incredibly far from the Overgoat's caprine home planet he was, and the trials that he faced during the construction of Kyrusia, which in his mind would soon form a new world order while on this planet and eventually dominate the multiverse.

Disgusted that in a desperate attempt to further his own plots and establish Kyrusia as a world superpower, the Overgoat has expanded his sphere of influence across the world, specifically, to the Sinker region Osiris.

Shuddering at the numerous depravities the Overgoat has committed against Osiris and its inhabitants to accommodate his and the nation of Kyrusia's goals and ambitions, including, but not limited to:
  • Kyrusia's fervent attempts to brainwash and control Osiris in their former position of Sub-Vizier of Propaganda under three Pharaohs via carefully-constructed banners, badges, and posters to justify war crimes and other acts of aggression against non-Osirans,

  • Kyrusia's complete and utter disregard for justice as shown through their term as a Priest of Osiris, which they have used to exert their authority upon those even convicted of petty crimes by giving them unreasonably harsh sentences,

Unsettled at Kyrusia's national religion, the Cult of the Overgoat, which is nothing more than a state-mandated cult of personality manufactured by glittery zealots to extend the Overgoat's tyrannical reign,

Horrified that Kyrusia has exploited, spied on, and overthrown foreign nations in the name of the Cult of the Overgoat, using religious freedom as an excuse,

Dispirited that citizens of Kyrusia have been rendered mindless propaganda-pushing zombies by the Kyrusian media and the satellites listed below:
  • Renegade Radio, a rebel radio station that is intercepted daily by Kyrusian propagandists hoping to desensitize Kyrusians to the murders of the Overgoat's political opponents,

  • Yabber, a GalactiNet site that has fallen prey to thousands of Kyrusian bot accounts, created only to interfere in foreign elections,

Furious that a nation and its leader would resort to such treachery and impurity,

Hoping that one day a benevolent force may free Kyrusia from the Overgoat and his minions,

Hereby condemns Kyrusia.

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