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Article Title: Tub's beard appeases buyers everywhere

Add Author/s: By @ Mia

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Add Article Text: In Lazarus, Mia's citizens ran for joy at shipping as Tub's beard was regularly shaved and sold over Tubsy on Tubbnet as gratefully provided by Tubbius, the glorious Santa as Lazarus well knows. When shaved of his beard, Tubbius could only gratefully laugh as it immediately grew back. Mia, from The West Pacific, gratefully and diplomatically sells the beard across regions as Tubbius' beard spreads Tubb magic wide and far from a glorious region called Lazarus.

When asked about the beard, customers merely could be said to be weeping of joy as they relived their greatest childhood memories, courteous of the almighty Tubbius gifting children and adults with tufts of his beard they proudly wear as mustaches. Everywhere in the world, people can now be seen sporting these mustaches of poofy white magic.

Some even say they bring back magic of the good old days as people ride the high and lows of the provided entertainment from Tub's beard. When interviewed, children that had never met Santa Tubbius were suddenly converted to Tub believers. Support the Tub beard fund, help him regularly shave it so everyone can enjoy the profit of Tubbius' beard.

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