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Balder Bugle Issue VIII

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Balder Bugle Issue VIII

A publication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Realm of Balder.

Statsminster Election

The second Statsminster elections under the Constitutional Reform Bill 2019 took place in February, with Balder's two legislative chambers putting forward candidates for the position. In the Odelsting - the lower house, consisting of all eligble citizens who choose to take their seat - Bowzin, a nominee in the last election and Minister of the Interior under Statsminster Theoden, was proposed and seconded by other members of the chamber. No other candidates came forward, and Bowzin went on to win the Odelsting vote with 8 votes in favour and one vote - from Bowzin himself - abstaining. In the Lagting - the upper house, consisting of Balder's princes and nobility - Bowzin was also proposed and seconded, with no other candidates coming forward, and went on to receive the unanimous backing of all those who voted.

With the backing of both houses, Bowzin was put forward as the presumptive Statsminster for the new term, awaiting his appointment by the King.

State Opening of Parliament

With the Statsminster election concluded, King North East Somerset formally opened parliament. Speaking of Bowzin's governmental positions here and abroad, and his status as a relative newcomer to Balder, the King stated "I think this shows there is great potential for Bowzin to lead the Realm over the next term, and I hope he will focus his drive and energy on moving us forwards positively. Indeed, Bowzin only became a Citizen during this my current tenure as King, and to me this demonstrates the opportunities of Balder."

Looking back over the previous term, the King noted that Balder has "begun to show our growing military strength in recent deployments, whilst in parallel we have maintained an active presence in World Assembly affairs." Hoping to see the same going forward, he thanked those who had served in the previous government and said "We must continue to engage with our allies and friends to ensure we progress our mutual interests with dynamism and enthusiasm."

Statsminster's speech and announcement of Statsraadet

Shortly after his appointment as Statsminster, Bowzin laid out his goals for the term in his opening speech. Noting the substantial changes that have happened in Balder recently, including opening the new bicameral legislature, introducing longer Statsminister terms, and providing new ways for citizens to get involved in Government, Bowzin promised he would keep up the pace, stating "now we must push forward to new territory and take advantage of the systems given to us".

Bowzin also announced his ministerial appointments in his speech, saying "I have a strong team behind me, and I have the utmost faith in them to accomplish great things this term." The ministers appointed to Bowzin's Statsraadet are:

Eriadni as Minister of Interior Affairs,

Vamperiall as Minister of War,

Fuzzy as Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Aexnidaral as Attorney General

Civil Service

One of Statsminster Bowzin's priorities for his first term as Statsminster is to see more citizens becoming members of Balder's Civil Service. To that end, the Statsminster has initiated a recruitment drive, asking all ministers to open a Civil Service application thread for their respective ministries, with the aim of making the Civil Service easier and clearer to access. Applications are now open across many of the current ministries, and the Government is looking forward to engaging with members of Balder's citizenry to move the region forwards. The Civil Service will, as always, provide an opportunity for citizens to engage with and take part in Government, giving them an excellent opportunity to help shape and implement policy and perhaps even start a Government career!

City Reform

The Princely Cities Act (February 2020) is currently up for debate in the Odelsting, following extensive Government level discussions. The Act, which if passed will be a Basic Law of Balder and therefore a core piece of legislation, aims to encourage activity at City level by legislating for the creation of City charters and governments. With each City possessing its own distinct culture, the shape of these charters will be left up to the citizens of each City, with the Prince who rules each City taking the lead on creating the charter, and having the final say in its shape and the scope of the powers any City level governments will have.

Trial of Griffindor13

On February 11th, the Realm of Balder brought charges of Treason and Deception against Griffindor13, for consipring to overthrow Balder's elected Delegate, King North East Somerset. In his statement announcing the charges, Statsminister Bowzin dismissed Griffindor13 from his position as Minister of WA Affairs.

Griffindor13 informed the Government of his intention to contest the charges and a hearing commenced on February 15th. Both parties agreed to appoint Crown Prince OnderKelkia to act as Arbiter (judge). Griffindor13 represented himself and Attorney General Aexnidaral represented the Government. Both parties were invited to present their arguments and evidence in turn, followed by a closing statement.

Five days of arguments followed, and on February 20th Arbiter OnderKelkia issued his judgement, finding Griffindor13 guilty on both counts. For Treason, Griffindor13 was sentenced to six months banishment from the region and forum, as well as a year long ban from holding an elected office within the region, beginning with and subsequent to the expiration of the six months banishment. A period of at least six months banishment, followed by a year long ban from elected office, is required by statute for all persons convicted of Treason. For Deception, Griffindor13 was sentenced to seven weeks banishment from the region and forum, to be served concurrently with his sentence for Treason.

Military Operations

Over this term and the last, Balder's military, the Jomsvikings, took part in a number of successful operations.

In December, the Jomsvikings deployed to Cretanja Queendom, supporting The Black Hawks in a raid they conducted of the region. The raid was completed successfully, and the Jomsvikings were recalled to Balder on January 1st.

At the beginning of February, the Jomsvikings again deployed in support of The Black Hawks, assisting in a raid they conducted of ASEAN REGION. The Jomsvikings were recalled to Balder on February 8th.

On February 16th, the Jomsvikings deployed to Slatos in support of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army's invasion and occupation of the region. The deployment ended successfully on February 23rd.

Vamperiall, the Minister of War, alongside the Chief of Defence and Viking Command, is working to further develop and expand our military capability, and the Jomsvikings look forward to a busy roster of operations in support of Balder's international objectives over the rest of this term. Anyone interested in working alongside the Jomsvikings, or as part of it, should contact Vamperiall via NationStates telegram or Discord DM at Vamperiall #2044.

Contact Fuzzy, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with comments regarding the Bugle.


Thanks for the Bugle Fuzzy!
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