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Regional Guide to Lazarus

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Regional Guide to Lazarus
An introduction to the Region
[Image: cAuRBhj.png]
Lazarus is what is known in Nationstates as a 'sinker' region, where nations are reborn and begin their time in Nationstates anew. But our region is much more than that, with our own unique government, regional theme and way of doing things - with plenty of activities, including spam, to keep our members entertained. Feel free to read through this Guide to learn about the region of Lazarus, and how you can participate.

1. Etymology of Lazarus
2. Government of Lazarus
3. Applying for Citizenship
4. Things to do in Lazarus
5. Jobs & Employment
6. Basics of Nationstates
7. Questions & Feedback

[Image: NtUD05q.png]
1. Etymology of Lazarus

The name Lazarus comes from the Bible passage where Lazarus is raised from the dead.
Quote:John 11 King James Version (KJV)
43: "And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth."
44: "And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go."

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[Image: 1oBydUO.png]
2. Government of Lazarus

[Image: 2U8zg3e.png]

Major Legislation 

Mandate 12/Constitution:
Please Read our Regional Constitution to learn about how our regional government is structured, and how it works.

Lazarene Law Index
An index of Lazarene Laws and Regulations

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[Image: YjJlDFM.png]
3. Applying for Citizenship

If you are ready to participate in the region more than just on the Regional Message Board, then it might be time for you to consider applying for citizenship.

Some good reasons for applying:
  • You can vote in forum-based elections to elect the World Assembly Delegate and the High Council.
  • You can vote on laws and treaties, and propose them, in the Assembly.
  • You can participate in one of the Ministries, or become an Assistant-Minister.
  • You can participate in the regional government, and/or stand for election for a position in it.
  • You can join in on forum-based activities, and have a good time posting and spamming on our forum - if all the above isn't appealing already.
What do I need to do to become a citizen?
  • Have a nation residing in Lazarus.
  • Make a citizenship application, stating what is required, including your nation in the region, and past Nationstates game history (if any)
What do I need to do to keep my citizenship?

Once you have citizenship it is pretty easy to keep, so long as you:
  1. Keep a nation in Lazarus.
  2. Tell us when the nation you have in Lazarus changes.
If you don't tell us, and your nation Ceases to Exist (CTE's) or you no longer have a nation in Lazarus, then your citizenship will be removed until you reapply with a nation that resides in Lazarus.

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[Image: 98Qhco5.png]
4. Things to Do in Lazarus

Now that you are in Lazarus you are thinking about what activities there are to be involved in. 

You might want to also ask questions of other game-players in Lazarus, if you are new at the game.

A. Participate in our regional government
  • Get citizenship in Lazarus by completing an application form on the Lazarus forum.
  • Join the World Assembly, which is discussed in the 'Basics of Nationstates' below.
  • Vote on legislation (or laws) in the Assembly, as well as proposing them.
  • Get involved in the politics of the region by participating in elections.
  • Help out the region in the Ministries and Assembly, in order to make Lazarus a more fun place to be.
B. Join in on the Spam Games and OOC Forum
  • Enjoy our spam games in Spamtopia, and increase your post count.
  • Talk about anything down in Canary Wharf, which is an Out of Character (OOC) forum. 
C. Join the Regional Discord D. Read the Regional News E. Join in on the Regional Economy
  • Lazarus has a Regional Economy with the currency of Feather/s (ƒ), and you earn this currency through posting or other means.
  • You should ask for a Starting Balance if you are a Resident or Citizen, and claim your ƒ15,000 from the Regional Bank.
  • Add money you earn to the Regional Bank and earn interest from it. 
  • Use your money to buy things for your nation from the Automated Shop System
  • Start your own Shop/Charity, and sell items or services to other Lazarenes. 
F. Foreign Ambassadors Can Apply for Status/Visas or an Embassy

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[Image: RjTftGO.png]
5. Jobs & Employment

With our regional government there are opportunities to get involved in the politics of the region. Lazarus has regional elections every four months for most political positions, and there are opportunities to become a member of a Ministry and serve Lazarus that way. You can get hands on experience of how our government works, and maybe even run for political office yourself in the future. This section of the guide will give you a brief run down of what is on offer.

The Assembly of Lazarus [Get Citizenship - Become a Legislator]
This is the main legislative body of Lazarus, where citizens and residents of Lazarus propose and discuss legislation and issues of the realm. In order to vote on legislation or in regional elections however, you must become a Citizen. It isn't hard to become a Citizen, so you might want to give it a try, and become a fully-fledged member of the community, though you are just as welcome to stay a Resident and join in on basic forum activities.

Ministries of Lazarus

The following Ministries of Lazarus are always open to new members, so you should feel free to ask around about joining one and helping out.

Public Relations  [Become an Ambassador]
Description: Manages the Diplomatic Relations of Lazarus

Regional Guard [Join here]
Description: Military Forces of Lazarus

Internal Management  [Join here]
Description: Organizes Events, Media (such as the Gazette), welcomes new nations, and organizes Role-Plays.
Sub-Links: [Start a Cultural Event] [Start a Roleplay] [Write for the Lazarene Gazette]

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[Image: LPJFF52.png]
6. Basics of Nationstates

If you would like a more comprehensive guide to the game click here, as this just shows some basics.

The World Assembly
  • One of the first things you might consider doing is joining the World Assembly, as it allows your nation to:
  • Run for World Assembly Delegate in a region.
  • Participate in Defenses of Regions against Raiders by endorsing the Defender WA Delegate within a region.
  • Participate in Raids against regions by endorsing a Raider WA Delegate within in a region.
  • Propose General Assembly Resolutions (read the Rules & General advice here).
  • Propose Security Council Resolutions (read the Rules for SC Proposals here).

How can I join the World Assembly?

You should notice the World Assembly link on the Nationstates Control Panel of your nation, which takes you to a page that looks something like this:

[Image: IcmMFeR.jpg]
At the top of the World Assembly page is the option to Apply to Join the World Assembly, or if you have already joined to resign from the World Assembly.

Once you click ‘Apply to Join’, you should receive an email within 24 hours, once you receive this email you can click within the email to confirm your WA membership.

Before joining the World Assembly however, you must make sure that you have added an Email address to your Nation account:
[Image: Nzowrf1.jpg]

Another activity you can do in the game is to answer your nation issues, which will allow you to change the Civil Rights, Economic freedoms, and Political Freedoms in your nation, in addition to what you decided when you first founded your nation.

What are Issues?

Issues are events that your nation has to decide to do about - or dismiss (ignore):
[Image: Cf4QQVh.jpg]

Each issue usually shows different views of petitioners within your nation:
[Image: X0qSIuP.jpg]
Usually they represent people or groups that want to neglect or improve upon aspects of your nation’s economy – but they can also involve restricting or expanding the civil rights or political freedoms of your nation as a whole i.e. establishing a dictatorship vs establishing a liberal democracy.

How many issues can I have each day?

[Image: CvEPPeS.jpg]
  • No Throttle.
  • 12 hours between issues.
  • 24 hours between issues.
  • 48 hours between issues
What happens when I answer issues?

[Image: kdxOlcz.jpg]
When you answer issues, they change your rankings in global categories.

A. They change how your nation ranks in Civil Rights, Political freedoms, and Economic freedoms:
[Image: foIt4cS.png]
Here are some government categories that can result from how your issues are answered.

B. They change your global rankings in regards to culture, nudity and so on:
[Image: dvtXTF0.jpg]
This shows how recent issues have impacted a nation.

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[Image: SNs5H1e.png]
7. Questions & Feedback

Ask questions and provide feedback about how to improve this guide in this topic.



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