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Form submission: Embassy Application Form


Your region or organization name: the_Pacific
Size of your region/organization: 5800
Your head of state/government: Aleisyr
Who is your ambassador to Lazarus?: Jokesters
If Lazarus provides you with an embassy, would you be willing to grant us one in return?: We look forward to reopen the official forum-side embassy.
Link to regional forums (if any): https://ns.npowned.net/forum/
Additional information/questions::
I affirm that I am authorized by the aforementioned region or organization to submit this application: Yes
Tell us a little about your region or organization: We are the New Pacific Order, also known as Ordo Pacificus, or simply Pacific Order. We are one of the oldest organizations on NationStates and the unquestioned rulers of the Pacific since 2003.

Through the principles of Francoism, the linchpin of Pacifican culture, the Pacific stands as fortress that defies time itself, constantly striving to improve and empower the GCRs.Through our meritocratic system, hard work and dedication are rewarded, and there are many ways to contribute to the Order and the GCRs, within, or beyond our borders.

The Order is governed as a militaristic autocratic meritocracy in which those who contribute the most wield the most influence and anyone can advance up the ranks through participation in its departments. The Order maintains a strict ruleset and is bound to ancient protocols based upon the class struggle between the Feederites, loyal nations which are native to the GCRs and have no other affiliation than their GCR, and the Userites, nations which have UCR affiliations and seek to exploit the GCRs for their own benefit.

Our R/D alignment is Francoist. It is neither Raider, nor Defender, but uses the mechanics of both to further our GCR focused interests, or crush the shambolic forces, the forces of Chaos, since the Order, ironically enough serves as aspect of Order. Fighting spammers, rulebreakers, Nazis and Fascists whenever possible.
Military alignment/affiliation (if any): Neutral
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Application accepted!

Your new forum embassy: https://lazarusns.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=90

mooze pencil:


Thank you.

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