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Form submission: Embassy Application Form

(This post was last modified: 01-19-2019, 12:43 AM by Aumelodia.)

Your region or organization name: The South Pacific

Size of your region/organization: 6700

Your head of state/government: The Serres Republic

Who is your ambassador to Lazarus?: The Serres Republic

If Lazarus provides you with an embassy, would you be willing to grant us one in return?: Of course! It's already sitting right here: https://tspforums.xyz/forum-77.html

Link to regional forums (if any): https://tspforums.xyz

Additional information/questions:: Sorry we didn't request this before! We forgot to apply for one on these new forums >.>

I affirm that I am authorized by the aforementioned region or organization to submit this application: Yes

Tell us a little about your region or organization:

Military alignment/affiliation (if any): Unaligned

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Yay! Application accepted! :)

Your forum embassy will be set up soon.
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