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Form submission: Diplomatic Status/Visa Application


What region are you representing?: Pacifica

Are you replacing another ambassador?: Unsure

If so, who are you replacing?:

What has brought you to Lazarus?:

Are you considering opening an embassy?:

Shoalia, Prime Minister of Pacifica and lover of turtles.
[Image: e7002169.gif] Pick up your stinkin litter~! [Image: e7002169.gif]


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(I saw this yesterday, but I forgot to address it. My apologies)

This application is accepted! 

Welcome to Lazarus, Ambassador! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have Discord and have not joined yet, I would definitely recommend joining our regional server, whose invite has been provided here: https://discord.gg/PFcUtRy

Once there, I highly recommend stating your purpose as the Pacifican ambassador, and you will be masked accordingly. Please notify @Ryccia#6042 , @Tubbius#5131, or @Janitor so we may know of your presence.

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