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[FAILED] Prevention of Mutually Assured Destruction


Category: International Security
Strength: Mild
Author: Morover   

 The World Assembly,

    Aware that non-member-states outnumber World Assembly member nations by about 6-1, and the gap will only increase as time goes on.

    Believing that, though the World Assembly cannot enforce legislature upon non-member-states, it can still cause significant difference through enforcing laws to member-states.

    Acknowledging the efforts of past General Assembly resolutions that help establish laws regarding weapons of mass destruction.

    Further Acknowledging that member-states of the World Assembly must have some form of protection against non-member-states, and many seek solace through weapons of mass destruction.

    Concerned that, despite prior regulations to these weapons of mass destruction, that many states may use these weapons defensively, in the spur of the moment, in order to avoid destruction.

    Believing that, though mutually assured destruction can be a good deterrent, it can be more harmful than beneficial.

    Understanding that the increase in the use of more traditional weaponry may lead to a decrease in nuclear weaponry.


        Defines a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) as a chemical or nuclear weapon capable of causing damage resulting in the mass loss of life.

        Further Defines mutually assured destruction (MAD) as a last-ditch effort by a nation in war where they unleash these weapons of mass destruction on either a civilian or military area, with the knowledge that a return fire may happen, resulting in a chain of attacks via WMDs.

        Urges the member-states of the World Assembly to intervene in the case of MAD.

        Encourages members of the World Assembly to avoid retaliation in the form of WMDs in both offensive and defensive wars.

        Allows that, should reasonable threat be shown, member-states may use WMDs to prevent the destruction of their nation.

        Urges member-states to use conventional weaponry instead of WMD, in order to avoid MAD.

        Prohibits the use of automatic response systems to nuclear attacks.

        Grants the World Assembly Disaster Bureau permission to coordinate international cooperation to prevent the threat of MAD.
            Encourages the World Assembly Disaster Bureau to engage in diplomatic communications with member-states whose actions may lead directly to MAD, should it deem it appropriate to do so.
            Requires the World Assembly Disaster Bureau to report any individual whose actions have contributed to MAD to the World Assembly Judiciary Committee.

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