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[PASSED] Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II


Category: Condemnation
Nominee: [Image: durkadurkiranistan_ii__768319t2.png]Durkadurkiranistan II
Proposed by: [Image: marilyn_manson_freaks__391298t2.jpg]Marilyn Manson Freaks
The Security Council,
Identifying the nation of [Image: durkadurkiranistan_ii__768319t2.png]Durkadurkiranistan II as a vile and ancient menace to the world, one that has upset the balance of power within many Feeder and Sinker regions.
Reminiscing about Durkadurkiranistan II's early days when they were known as John ashcroft land, a starchy but pleasant and skilled defender in the Alliance Defense Network (ADN) before they started down a dark and winding path of interregional infamy.
Lamenting the many evil influences that might have led Durkadurkiranistan II astray. For example, maybe it was simply their exposure to [Image: pierconium__333748t2.jpg]Pierconium's North Pacific Directorate (NPD) coup of The North Pacific as Pixiedance as a young nation, perhaps it was their involvement in the West Pacific Triumvirate (WPT) coup executed by [Image: wickedly_evil_people__143493t2.jpg]Wickedly evil people and their inner-circle, or possibly even their participation as a Lord Governor (Minister) in The Crimson Order (TCO), the illegal government of The North Pacific, created by [Image: westwind__152814t2.png]Westwind as [Image: lewis_and_clark__468223t2.jpg]Lewis and Clark.
Recalling Durkadurkiranistan II's first major step towards infamy when they illegally seized the delegacy of Lazarus in 2009 under the alias of Viceroy victorious, where they ousted the then inactive outgoing Delegate and Queen Harmoneia for their own personal gain. This illegal seizure of the delegacy lead to many days of regional strife as "High Tsar" Viceroy Victorious mocked the lawfully elected government and forced them to make concessions in order to regain the delegacy for their newly-elected King, [Image: killer_kitty__241719t2.png]Killer Kitty.
Dismayed that Durkadurkiranistan II's occupation of Lazarus wasn't enough for them, as they went on to invade The North Pacific twice, in 2009 and 2010. Once as Durkadurkiranistan, its legally elected Delegate and "Grand Ayatollah", and once during a transition for the position of Delegate as Durkadurkiranistan II.
Appalled that the lawful Delegate of Osiris, The dourian embassy, willfully and proudly assimilated itself into Nevadar and Durkadurkiranistan II's empire in 2013, allowing Durkadurkiranistan II to overthrow the legitimate government of Osiris, the Kemetic Republic (KRO), and claim Osiris for the notorious region of Gatesville while making a mockery of the KRO by styling themselves as the "Governor Imperator" of the Imperium of Osiris and by purging innocent nations. This invasion eventually led to the destruction of the KRO.
Also highlighting Milograd's 2013 coup of The South Pacific, in which the government of Milograd happily allowed Durkadurkiranistan II and a few other nations access to their national infrastructure. Durkadurkiranistan II metaphorically jumped at this opportunity and purged thousands of nations from The South Pacific and assisted Milograd and company in the foundation of the South Pacific Socialist Republic (SPSR), a destructive regime founded only to belittle and confuse The South Pacific's more established natives.
Recognizing that Durkadurkiranistan II is nothing but a monstrous tyrant and deserves nothing but the World Assembly's disapproval.
Hereby condemns [Image: durkadurkiranistan_ii__768319t2.png]Durkadurkiranistan II.
Co-authored with [Image: kuriko__822851t2.jpg]Kuriko.
Fri Jun 14 2019

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