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[PASSED] Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy

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Category: Civil Rights

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Morover

The World Assembly, by the advice and consent of the delegates and member nations thereof, and by the authority of the same, hereby:

Submits the following as fact:

   1. Transgender and gender non-binary people are real.

   2. Their experiences are not the product of "mental illness," "confusion," "disease," or anything of the sort -- rather, their understanding of their relationship to the world in the lens of gender does not correspond with their biological sex.

   3. Their first-hand accounts of this understanding are real; each person is in the best position to understand and discern their own gender identity.

   4. Any distress arising from this real disconnect between sex and gender is referred to as gender dysphoria -- like any mental condition, it ought to be treated.

   5. Further, it ought to be treated in a manner that respects the fundamental facts: that transgender and non-binary individuals' experiences are real, and that their gender identity is not the same as their birth sex.

   6. One such way to resolve the distress is through hormone therapy, and the choice to pursue or not to pursue such treatment ought to rest firmly in the hands of the individual, rather than in the hands of the state.

Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, "hormone therapy" as a medical treatment involving the use of naturally occurring hormones for the purpose of altering one's secondary sex characteristics to more accurately reflect their gender identity,

Requires all member-states to legalize hormone therapy for all consenting individuals,

Requires all member-states to have an affordable, easy-to-access way for its transgender population to access hormone therapy,

Forbids any member-state from denying a transgender person access to hormone therapy as a punishment or as part of a punishment for a crime,

Forbids any member-state from forcing an individual to undergo hormone therapy.

Co-Authored by United Massachusetts

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