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The Northern Lights Issue XXIX

(This post was last modified: 08-13-2019, 10:31 AM by Gorundu.)

Sorry it's a bit late, but hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Smile
[Image: MlHcbbN.png][Image: RxEbc7K.png]
[Image: KjsSoZi.png][Image: UKI3zzm.png]
[Image: 6XsckcJ.png][Image: vBIW7KS.png]
[Image: OWW7pzR.png][Image: iN4XZfP.png]
[Image: 80F7oAi.png][Image: 79FvMIR.png]
[Image: 0KiZmob.png][Image: q3CCPtF.png]
[Image: qs9snGg.png][Image: cunAKUz.png]
[Image: icjBB2L.png][Image: Q9K6z64.png]
[Image: SBOkeCn.png][Image: QUCP0yr.png]
[Image: tnpambass2.jpg]


Thanks for the paper! :) I love the article by Escade especially!
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