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Poll: Death to Capitalism?
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Death to Capitalism (Or Maybe Not)

(This post was last modified: 11-03-2019, 06:34 AM by Zapatian Workers State.)

Hello Lazarenes!

As you might have been able to tell from the name, this is an anti-capitalist nation. In spite of Lazarus rule by corporatocracy and all that though, I am very interested in learning how this region works and studying its body of law, getting to understand the economic mechanism and all that, in the hopes of becoming a productive citizen.

In my past life, I authored a GA proposal which I couldn't get formatted correctly so I gave up on it, and I have another nation named Hyperdark in the Union of Allied States, where I was invited by my old college buddy, who in NationStates is called The Civitas Islands.

That's about it.
- Vespasian, on his deathbed
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Good to have you here man! It's always cool when somewhat experienced players join a region because they can often add good insight into how things might work better. Not to say we should get rid of capitalism... but I did vote yes on the poll because I approve of and appreciate dissenting opinions motivated by trying to make our region better, whether I agree with them or not! :P

When I first got involved in Lazarus I joined the diplomatic corps (which goes around to other regions and acts sweet and pretty at them for the most part). I had a lot of fun! In my own interests though, since I'm not the Director of Internal Management now... <.< You should totally come join us once you become a citizen. >.> IM has all the corporate cookies.

Looking forward to working with you, whatever path you take! :D
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