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[FAILED] Ban on Forced Sterilisation

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Ban on Forced Sterilisation
Category: Civil Rights | Strength: Mild | Proposed by: Germany

The World Assembly,

Lauding the previous efforts of this assembly to protect civil rights,

Recognising that forced sterilisation can have detrimental effects on the individual, including depression and long term psychological effects,

Noting that sterilisation against an individual's will continues to be used as a method of reducing the population of minorities in some member-states and as a punishment for sexual offenders,

Acknowledging that each individual should have the right to choose to reproduce or not as long as it does not violate another individual's right to choose,

Seeking to ban this method that has been, in the past, used to get rid of people that society has considered to be unwanted members, whether they were sexual or ethnic minorities or people with specific disabilities,


  2. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, "sterilisation" as the permanent elimination of an individual's ability to reproduce through the removal or alteration of their reproductive organs or the physiological processes that enable reproduction, through chemical or physical means;

  3. Prohibits:
    1. The sterilisation of any individual without their informed consent, unless a parent or guardian is legally able to and does consent on their behalf;
    2. The extradition of any criminal to places where they may be subject to forced sterilisation as a form of punishment;

  4. Requires that member states:
    1. Carry out thorough investigations into all sterilisation services within their borders, to ensure no illegal sterilisation is taking place;
    2. Reasonably punish people who carry out illegal sterilisation;

  5. Urges member states to provide reparations for victims of forced sterilisation.

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