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[AT VOTE] Commend Mikeswill


Category: Commendation | Nominee: Mikeswill | Proposed by: Jocospor

The Security Council,

Recognising unequivocally the nation of Mikeswill, NationStates' longest serving World Assembly Delegate.

Celebrating Mikeswill's 'crystal anniversary'; that is, its 15th year as World Assembly Delegate of NationStates.

Lauding Mikeswill for its exceptional dedication to the rigorous administration of NationStates' government, with NationStates itself acknowledged as a region of sizeable and cultural significance.

Appreciating Mikeswill's daily "Today's Featured Nation" announcement on NationStates' Regional Message Board (duly noted in SCR#55), a practise Mikeswill has continued consistently for the greater half of eight years.

Not at all ignorant to the controversies surrounding Mikeswill; addressing those controversies now:
  • Rebuking the concern that Mikeswill was previously commended by this Security Council in SCR#55 but that commendation was repealed by SCR#72:
    • SCR#72 reads more as an attack against Mikeswill. It had the audacity to label Mikeswill's extended World Assembly Delegacy as "somewhat impressive" and called into question the nation's dedication. Nearly seven years later, Mikeswill has undoubtedly shattered the - effectively - jealous rhetoric of SCR#72.
    • SCR#55 commended Mikeswill for six years of service as NationStates' World Assembly Delegate. The nation's tenure in that position has now more than doubled and reached fifteen years. Needless, then, is it to alert this Security Council to the most misjudged slanders levelled against Mikeswill in SCR#72.

  • Also aware that Mikeswill stands in proud defiance of this Security Council and has spoken critically of it on numerous occasions; believing this Security Council should honour Mikeswill anyway, as:
    • the nation boasts a World Assembly Delegacy of unprecedented, and arguably untouchable, length;
    • this Security Council is itself capable of drawing distinction between action and attitude; and
    • this Security Council has honoured nations for far lesser feats (with this being a general, objective fact, perchance disputed by only the most cantankerous of ambassadors).

  • Finally, understanding relationships between Mikeswill and various raiding and defending organisations to be fractured; again, reminding this Security Council that it has a duty to commemorate outstanding accomplishments free of prejudice.

Thus, in a time marred by friction and depopulation, declaring Mikeswill an unfaltering bastion of hope and commitment to nations all across NationStates.

Once more, insisting that the nation's extraordinary achievements transcend any political squabbling, material fascinations and past contentions.  

Therefore, this Security Council, with great mirth and jubilant fanfare, hereby commends Mikeswill.

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