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The North Star Issue XI


[Image: f4UEI8F.png]

[Image: sG8YGQy.png] Spotlight #21 Interview With McMasterdonia
by Owenstacey, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

This month's spotlight interview is with McMasterdonia, currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs and since joining The North Pacific in 2011 has held most jobs in the executive, including both Delegate and Vice Delegate. Having held many positions throughout their time in The North Pacific, I used this interview as a way to learn more about McMasterdonia’s time in Nationstates and reflect on the good and bad during the last 8 years. When asked before the interview, McMasterdonia said that the mentorship with Eluvatar in the early days was very helpful and that they both still communicate regularly. With the experience McMasterdonia has, this interview was interesting to see the views and pick on the experiences that can undoubtedly teach many people something new.

Owenstacey: Good evening, I am joined by Minister of Foreign Affairs McMasterdonia. Welcome to the Spotlight, how are you?

McMasterdonia: I am good thanks Owen, thank you for reaching out to me for this interview.

Owenstacey: No problem, it’s amazing to have the chance to interview you. First up, it might be a while ago but what made you join The North Pacific in the first place?

McMasterdonia: I was encouraged to join NationStates by a friend of mine at university who had described to me how the issues worked in general details. I was intrigued by the idea of a nation simulator, so I decided to join. I was first spawned in The North Pacific and relatively quickly got involved in the community on the regional message board.

In terms of my wider involvement on the forum, I tried to join when Delegate Grosseschnauzer announced that they would be retiring as Delegate and that elections would be held. I was initially denied entry for failing an admin security check. From memory, I was using one of those usb internet devices and Eluvatar flagged me due to how often my IP had been changing.

In The North Pacific at that time it was a great period of change and tumultuous challenges. Blue Wolf II had won the Delegate election and had defeated, I suppose, the establishment candidate in an upset win. Romanoffia had been very active on the regional message board at that time and essentially reminded us that decisions were made by those who show up. If we wanted to improve the game and region, we had to make our voices heard. So I answered that call.

Owenstacey: That must have been an interesting time to be a part of TNP, you've been in Nationstates for a while now, how much do you think NS has changed with regards to regions and how they work together?

McMasterdonia: Well I certainly think it has become more challenging and rigid than it once was. When I was first getting started in NationStates there were a lot less formal relations between the different regions. From what I recall, The North Pacific was not the party to a single formal treaty when I first became a member.

It is often said that the days of old were more polarised, with more ideological and in-character battles and of course, more coups. That may be the case for some, but in my experience as someone who joined in 2011, things seemed a lot more flexible and chilled out back then. Now, we have so many established relations that go back the better part of a decade. That either limits your options, or you end up in a situation where you have a heap of allies and treaties sitting around, and nobody seems to like that much either.

Secondly, I think the way our regions operate now is a lot more sophisticated. Most major regions have extremely well established security networks supported by major infrastructure. We are less exposed now than we’ve ever been. That can change the way we engage with our neighbours.

Owenstacey: So things are quite different and a lot more complex than it was back when you first started. You were delegate of TNP for a while, so what would you say was the biggest impact you made as Delegate?

McMasterdonia: I think my first few terms of government as Delegate of The North Pacific were transformative. It needs to be said that when I first came to power, The North Pacific had only had a full cabinet for possibly two terms, and even then, it was not functional most of the time. The Government was for a large part in disarray and prone to inactivity at crucial junctures.

One of my first tasks was to restore faith in elected officials and to get the wheels of government working again. I worked extremely hard to establish a well oiled government machine, one that delivered for all aspects of our community. I think it was truly a transformative time. The North Pacific made a significant shift into a highly efficient and transparent operation, one that really focused on the development of our internal culture, the cultivation of external allies and supporters, and took meaningful steps to take our place in the world.

I think that my efforts in that regard assisted our community at that time and since then, to continue to have very high expectations of our elected officials; as well as an expectation of accessibility and transparency on the part of government.

Owenstacey: I definitely think that we have come to have a very high expectation of elected officials, finally, have you got any advice to people starting out in NS on how to be successful and have a long career like yours has been?

McMasterdonia: I would say that it is important to find your home. Find a community that makes you happy and that is filled with people you trust and enjoy spending time with. It’s the community that makes the game so long lasting in so many lives. Then find an area you can contribute. Work hard, earn your place at the table and ensure your voice is heard. Don’t equate stubbornness with strength - sometimes you will need to compromise to find the best outcomes. Seek advice from others when you need it. Keep their confidence and they will keep yours. Most importantly... Have fun!

Owenstacey: I think that is some very good advice that all members both new and old can learn from, and that is it for this interview, thank you for taking some time to do this interview. It's been good to learn something from someone with your experience

McMasterdonia: Thank you for having me.

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]NPA Bulletin
by Robespierre, Minister of Home Affairs
[Image: proxy.php]


Minister of Defense (MoD): General Koopa

Deputy Ministers of Defense (DMoDs):

[Image: proxy.php]

NPA soldiers arrive on the shores of the South Pacific in eager fashion, ready to answer the call of their ally and assist in their neighbour's Delegacy transition

Koopa couped! Koopa couped! Bob has fallen! Victory is ours! ... Wait, no. That's not how any of this works, is it? Right, well, the September 2019 General Election cycle is upon us and the last month of the North Pacific Army's activity has had a lot to do with refining our piling prowess. If you'll recall (and you probably don't!) last time we ended off this segment of the North Star's monthly news we reported on General Darcania and co.'s hold on the Coalition of White Supremacists (COWS). But, that operation got us thinking: You know what's better than bashing fascists once or twice? Bashing them again and again of course! Thus, in the month of August, our troops were proud to take part in an inter-regional operation that saw the capture of yet another Nazi stronghold. In total, twenty-two of the North's finest joined up with their fellow hate-hunters on a campaign that spanned several updates. From the seventeenth of August's major update until the twenty-ninth of August's minor update, personnel from the Ministry of Defense were engaged in gridlock as some the most talented updaters in attendance warded off incoming undesirables.

Not to be outdone, it seems as though our friends over in the Kingdom of Great Britain had a trick up their sleeve as well this month! On the ninth of August's major update, it was announced by the High Command that our next operation would be a joint tag run with His Majesty's Royal Marine Corps. In a crafty yet ambitious effort, our combined teams scoured the NationStates world in search of letters that would spell out 'Rule Britannia'. Unfortunately, we weren't able to pick up all of the letters needed in order to do so - but on the bright side, we did collect a respectable eight hits with seven of our troops in attendance. This would be the second of two tag runs completed in the final month of this term, with the first one being undertaken on the fourth of August's minor update. It was on that day for which the NPA experienced a solid turnout for noon updates at eleven soldiers standing, not bad... but the deal was sweetened with an extra five hits added to the mix.

Lastly, it is with a heavy heart that the Executive Council of the North Pacific must inform everyone of the recent resignation of Bobberino as the Minister of Defense. At this point in time, with less than forty-eight hours until a new Delegate is scheduled to take their oath of office, a new Minister of Defense has been appointed in accordance with the forty-first clause of the Legal Code, chapter seven entitled 'Executive Government'. Nonetheless, deployment to the South Pacific still persists and is ongoing. Since this past Wednesday, orders have been posted in the mess hall to endorse Aumeltopia upon entering the region and since then twenty soldiers have acted swiftly to respond to our leadership's call. In conclusion, despite the more sporadic nature of our tag raiding efforts do to more time-consuming holds, the North Pacific Army remains as committed to excellence as ever! Thanks again to the regions that hosted us this term, and thank you to Bobberino for his many months of service! Ciao!

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]Regional Assembly Highlights
by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly
Regional Assembly August 2019

Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis

Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Brendog


Vice Delegate Check Efficiency Bill put forward by Sil Dorsett.

Status: Passed

Summary: The Vice Delegate Check Efficiency Bill changed the time allotted to the Vice Delegate to process security checks for citizenship applications. The original time was set to 3 days. This bill allowed the vice delegate an additional 4 days bringing the total time to 7 days to process a citizenship application.

Results: 26 Ayes, 0 Nays, and 1 Abstention.

The Vexillum Billum put forward by Darcania.

Status: At Vote

Summary: The Vexillum Billum is a bill currently at a vote in the Regional Assembly aimed at changing the regional flag of the North Pacific. The proposed change removes the Coat of Arms of the North Pacific and changes a number of the elements. The proposed flag can be viewed here.

Current Business

Lessening Repeating Work (L.R.W.) Bill, put forward by Praetor.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: An amendment to the way that elections are run in the North Pacific. This bill introduces some grammatical fixes to the election laws, changes the method of election for Court Justices to a preferential voting system instead of first past the post, and includes methods for dealing with candidates that either become ineligible or withdraw during the voting period. This bill additionally deals with instances of ties at the end of the voting period.

Flag Usage Act put forward by Gorundu.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: The Flag Usage Act is a proposal that would make the use of the Official Flag of the North Pacific illegal to use by nations in written statements and dispatches. This is aimed to prevent dispatches and statements produced from being seen as legitimate statements endorsed by the government of the North Pacific.

The Better Banner Bill put forward by Bootsie.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: The Better Banner Bill stikes Section 10.1.5 from the Legal Code and allows for the Coat of Arms to be used by any citizen or nation of the North Pacific. As the law currently stands it is illegal to use the Coat of Arms except to represent the North Pacific or an official regional entity.

Peace Terms Acceptance Amendment put forward by IkeaRike.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: This amendment seeks to amend Section 6.4.18 of the Legal Code to stipulate that a Peace Treaty would require a simple majority vote of the Regional Assembly to be ratified. The Constitution currently stipulates that all treaties need a 2/3rds majority vote to pass.

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]World Assembly Digest
by Gorundu, World Assembly Correspondent
[Image: YnLYZLb.jpg]

General Assembly

Improving the world one resolution at a time
Preventing Unjust Warfare

Status: Defeated

Delegate's vote: Against

Final vote (World): For - 2917; Against - 10106

Final vote (TNP): For - 84; Against - 411; Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.73%

Recommendation: The proposal, while well meaning, is hampered by various holes and unachievable standards. Namely, Clause 2.1.1 relies on 'undeniable and concrete evidence' which is not easily obtainable if possible at all, especially in situations where bad faith and third party actors are excepted to be involved but proof is not totally present. Additionally, clause 2.1.3 appears to be miswritten as it never fully clarifies that nondomestic forces engaging the local nonstate actor would be required to satisfy this however domestic forces engaging on a local nonstate actor would not need to satisfy this requirement as it would not be transnational. Furthermore, clause 2.3 becomes problematic as a nation's predictions may not reflect reality and the results of a transnational conflict can vary greatly between predicted result and actual result, especially in scenarios where a multitude of factors for this decision are unknown or only generally specified.

In accordance with the above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Treatment of the Deceased

Status: Defeated

Delegate's vote: Against

Final vote (World): For - 1280; Against - 11426

Final vote (TNP): For - 47; Against - 449; Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.72%

Recommendation: Treatment of the Deceased, while well meaning, falls victim to its own poorly worded and vague clauses. This proposal requires the previous consent of the deceased to perform various actions in order to exempt them from 'grave molestation'. This becomes problematic if the death is sudden or the record of now deceased granting and denying these permissions is lost. The proposal also requires member nations to protect graves until the point of decay 'to the fullest possible extent from molestation' that could span well over a decade (at the very least), and would impose unreasonable requirements on member nations in order to comply. Finally, the proposal attempts to accommodate for religious and cultural beliefs but then requires the now deceased to have requested it and then prevents anything that violates Clause 1 and 4, thus defeating the whole point of this clause to begin with.

In accordance with the reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Reducing Food Waste

Status: Passed

Delegate's vote: For

Final vote (World): For - 11161; Against - 1902

Final vote (TNP): For - 466; Against - 42; Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.24%

Recommendation: This proposal attempts to address the wasting of food and how citizens of WA member nations can better handle their leftovers. The proposal addresses various aspect of this in requiring food producers to minimize waste, recycling compost into agriculture, and expanding the duties and abilities of the International Food Wellfare Orgaization. A few concerns involved with this resolution include the lack of specific language that leaves a lot of the proposal up to interpretation and provides vague mandates. Furthermore, the proposal ignores the fact that food safety and standards do contribute to a large portion of food waste despite it being a net positive. In conclusion, this proposal generally promotes the sensible use of food and prevention of food waste that leaves openings to be expanded upon by more specific resoluitions.

In accordance with the reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

[Image: MSkSvav.jpg]

Security Council

Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary

Condemn Kyrusia

Status: Defeated

Delegate's vote: Against

Final vote (World): For - 1516; Against - 10818

Final vote (TNP): For - 45; Against - 421; Percentage of WA nations voting: 36.46%

Recommendation: The proposed condemnation of Kyrusia is fundamentally lacking. This is primarily due to the rushed drafting process which did not allow for the following issues to be properly dealt with. Primarily, this proposal seems to brush over and totally exclude a very large amount of relevant content to this condemnation. When asked, the author claimed that they wanted this proposal to be light-hearted, which is perfectly fine in theory, but ultimately harms the execution of this proposal for such a deserving target.

Due to the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Condemn The New Inquisition

Status: Passed

Delegate's vote: For

Final vote (World): For - 8440; Against - 4736

Final vote (TNP): For - 282; Against - 208; Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.63%

Recommendation: TNP has a demonstrated history of opposing the condemnation of The New Inquisition, specifically during the most recent previous attempt at condemning TNI occurred in 2015 where effectively the same reasoning and text was used to justify the condemnation. While the proposal is fundamentally well drafted, TNP and TNI have developed strong relations and worked productively on many military operations since the acts of TNI mentioned in this proposal. This includes the 2015 defense of Stargate (historically a very close ally of TNP which TNI had no stake in), the invasion and refounding of Nazi Europe in which TNI and TNP are amoung those who jointly maintain the founder nation to this day, as well as the joint occupation of Scotland in 2014. Finally, the proposal appears to fail to mention various acts of the Founderless Regions Alliance committed that contributed to and eventually led to war between the two, and at the very least, placing sole blame on TNI is disingenuous. Generally addressing the recent dispatch that was released regarding the history of the events referred to in this proposal, it is disappointing that TNI did not lament the actions it took against TNP in the past, however it must also be acknowledged that it was not justifying them.

In accordance with the reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.

Condemn North East Somerset

Status: Passed

Delegate's vote: For

Final vote (World): For - 10615; Against - 2202

Final vote (TNP): For - 439; Against - 42; Percentage of WA nations voting: 36.52%

Recommendation: North East Somerset, herein referred to as NES, is deserving of their condemnation for the various actions they have committed during their career and outlined by the proposed condemnation. These include directly assisting in the coups of The North Pacific, Lazarus, The Rejected Realms, and The East Pacific as well as their undermining of the Founderless Regions Alliance. Further condemnable acts include their involvement in regions which perpetuated unprovoked violence against various regions and their natives, namely Belgium. NES has built a career out of raiding, espionage, and destruction of governments specifically within the GCRs; as such they are very deserving of this condemnation.

In accordance with the reasoning provided above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.


[center=align]The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth

Publisher: El Fiji Grande :: Executive Editor: Pallaith :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.

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