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[FAILED] Restricting Solitary Confinement

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Restricting Solitary Confinement

Category: Civil rights | Strength: Mild | Author: Maowi

COGNIZANT that solitary confinement is often used to prevent a dangerous person from harming their companions;

SHOCKED at the devastating psychological effects of solitary confinement, such as suicidal tendencies, self-mutilation, hallucinations, psychosis, paranoia and hypersensitivity;

ASSERTING that solitary confinement is realistically unlikely to improve the behaviour of a person;

APPALLED that, despite the above, solitary confinement is used as a measure attempting to discipline prisoners;

The World Assembly hereby:

  1. DEFINES “solitary confinement” as the involuntary confinement of any person without the ability to see or communicate with another person for a duration of time proven to cause problems in an otherwise healthy individual.

  2. MANDATES that solitary confinement is illegal in all member nations, whether within a prison system or not, unless the person subject to solitary confinement is clearly likely to harm other people or be harmed by other people and there is no other reasonable way to prevent this occurring.

  3. RULES that all member nations must provide or make available effective treatment or therapy for people with mental disorders or illnesses caused or exacerbated by solitary confinement.


Personally against, it's fairly poorly written to essentially illegalize solitary confinement in some broad way almost all of the time.


Urgh. What is with the WA and their fetish for rights.


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