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[FAILED] Repeal "On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes"

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Category: Repeal
Resolution: 459
Author: Lord Dominator

The World Assembly,

Applauding the efforts of the target resolution to improve health by reducing smoking and related issues,

Reminding itself that passed resolutions cannot be amended to resolve errors,

Concerned that the recently passed resolution permits member nations to abide by its requirements without in fact translating warnings into a language understandable by the local populace, as the language used repeatedly in the target is inherently optional,

Further concerned that members with governments appropriately disposed to tobacco corporations can therefore abide by the text of the target while also taking little useful action towards teaching their populations the harms of tobacco and smoke inhalation,

Believing that interpretation of the word "should" by national or international tribunals to invoke requirement would be an unprecedented shift in the interpretation of World Assembly statutes that would fundamentally shift the relationship between the Assembly and its constituent members so to engender incredible overreach,

Further believing that this makes unavailable to the Assembly the ability to recommend which also also effectively eliminates the scope for discretion under WA resolutions,

Observing that not all member member nations are composed of species harmed by the targeted products and believing such to be an unnecessary overreach,

Further observing that the educational requirements would cause waste of resources in nations where tobacco use is low or non-existent,

Hopefully consigning to private essays rather than General Assembly resolutions titles starting with the word "On",

Certain that action will be taken by delegations committed to reducing smoking and similar issues in the eventuality of repeal,

Repeals "On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes".
Co-Authored by Imperium Anglorum


Voting FOR, as I authored it and thus agree with the entire thing Tongue

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