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[PASSED] Astronomical Data Repository Act

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Astronomical Data Repository Act
Category: Education and Creativity | Area: Education | Author: Kranostav

The World Assembly,

Intending to create a database to document unique astronomical data to advance education and astronomic studies,

Cognisant of the need to compile astronomical information while not infringing on sovereign rights of nations to maintain secrecy in military and similar affairs,


  1. Defines ‘raw astronomical data’, hereinafter referred to as 'data', for the purposes of this proposal as raw information regarding objects within or related to space and the practice of astronomy, their features and physical attributes, or the stellar coordinates containing the aforementioned data,

  2. Establishes an agency within the World Assembly Scientific Programme (WASP) named ‘Astronomic Science and Technical Research Organization’ (ASTRO) and tasks it with organization, administration, and maintenance of a database of raw astronomical data,

  3. Mandates member states submit to ASTRO any relevant raw astronomical data they may possess,

    1. Contributing nations may request a temporary or total stay on data they have contributed should the donated data compromise the safety or integrity of the contributing nation,
  4. Permits private entities to contribute raw astronomical data to ASTRO and retain the right to negotiate for appropriate compensation,

    1. ASTRO shall temporarily hold data contributed by private entities allowing time for the nation in which the data was collected to file an objection on the submitted data so as to prevent the release of sensitive or confidential data. Should a member nation object to the data being donated, they must provide adequate evidence for that objection, which will be kept confidential and viewed only for the purposes of the objection.

    2. Should the location in which the data was collected not lie under the jurisdiction of any currently existing nation or was recorded while in a location under the jurisdiction of a no longer existing nation, the data is exempt from the above requirement unless a currently existing nation can prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that the data is of a confidential or sensitive nature,
  5. Establishes a system to accredit discoveries to their contributors should they wish, via public notation within the database and attached to the specific data itself, to properly acknowledge those who contributed to the public advancement of astronomic study,

    1. Requires users of this data to attribute the sources of the data they used, if applicable,
  6. Declares that all data collected will be released by ASTRO for free

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