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[FAILED] Drug Abuse Amelioration Act

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Drug Abuse Amelioration Act
Category: Civil Rights | Strength: Significant | Author: Maowi
Aware of the addictive nature of most recreational drugs;

Cognizant that the use or possession of recreational drugs is banned in many member nations;

Believing that criminalizing the use or possession of recreational drugs does little to help those who are addicted to said drugs; and

Eager to improve the situation for drug addicts through effective social policies;

The World Assembly:

  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution:

    1. 'recreational drugs' as substances taken recreationally for their physical or psychoactive effects;

    2. 'rehabilitation' as the elimination of a person's physical or psychological dependence on recreational drugs based on scientific methods, and harming or distressing the person only as much as is necessary for the treatment. Rehabilitation may take place within a secure environment provided that this aids the treatment in some way;
  2. Reserves to all member nations the right to decide which recreational drugs to ban and which to legalise;

    1. Mandates that member nations in which the use of recreational drugs is illegal may not punish or give a criminal record to a person for using or possessing with the sole intent of using recreational drugs the first time they are caught, although the illegal drugs may be confiscated from the user; instead, an addicted user must be provided with rehabilitation;

    2. Encourages member nations to mandate the return to rehabilitation by a former user of drugs if, after a period of time wherein the immediate effects of withdrawal have passed and normal life has been mostly resumed, restarting of recreational drug use begins;
  3. Clarifies that:

    1. light fines may be given to those found using recreational drugs in member nations in which the possession and use of recreational drugs is illegal, not exceeding the fines given for a civil offence, the first time they are caught;

    2. member nations may keep records on the identities of those found, for the first time, illegally possessing or using recreational drugs, not to be disclosed to any non-government individual and to be used solely to check whether a person illegally possessing or using recreational drugs is doing so for the first time;

    3. member nations may punish people for crimes, other than the possession and use of recreational drugs, committed strictly as a result of their use of recreational drugs;

    4. member nations may punish people trying to make other people take recreational drugs without both their knowledge and consent;
    1. Orders people, groups and organisations legally selling recreational drugs to clearly state the ingredients of their products on the packaging of said products, in the principal language(s) spoken by people in the place of sale. The list of ingredients must be easily legible to the naked eye;

    2. Clarifies that in the case in which recreational drugs are being sold without packaging, the entity selling the drugs must communicate the ingredients of the drugs to the buyer upon being asked, and must provide an accessible method for the buyer to enquire about the ingredients.
Co-authored with Holly United


The proposal at hand is significantly micromanaging and contains a number of loopholes in regard to enforcement, particularly for dealers, for which I would vote against.


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