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[PASSED] Repeal "Protecting Personal Data"

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Repeal "Protecting Personal Data"
Category: Repeal
Author: Imperium Anglorum

This august World Assembly,

Believing that data ought to be protected, but that the target resolution has serious flaws which impose significant harms on society,

Resolving that:
  1. firms which collect personal data now have perverse incentives to not collect any data that identifies age or proxies thereof, so to fall into the exemption provided by section 2(a), and
  2. minors can have legitimate reasons to have personal data stored without the explicit approval of their guardians, especially in relation to evidence of child abuse and, less seriously, in personal data associated with accounts on social networks,
Further resolving that courts not being able to require the production of information in civil cases:
  1. makes it possible for people to hide information from the court, making the court rule on an unclear or biased view of the facts, and
  2. harms the ability of private actors to get data that could be needed for securing injunctive relief or damages from the respondent, and
Conceding that repeal is the only option, as it is impossible to amend legislation and patch these issues, hereby:

Repeals "Protecting Personal Data".

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I hope this passes!

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