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Statement and Apology from the New Pacific Order to Lazarus 1
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Statement and Apology from the New Pacific Order to Lazarus Public Relations Department
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To the region of Lazarus, its Delegate, its government, and its citizens,

Your last demand was that the New Pacific Order officially apologize to the regions affected by the recent revelations. We are here to offer this to you, and other regions are being individually addressed as well. The first point to address is the Lazarus Task Force. This was an operation intended to counter what the Order saw as votestacking by Funkadelia in favor of Lone Wolves United. The intent was to bait Funkadelia into making this evident, so that it could be used against him. As a result, both sides in this situation were played by former members of the Senate and the Order. The actions here were a violation of Lazarus’ regional sovereignty and a betrayal of Lazarus as a fellow Game Created Region. That the intent was to counter influence from Lone Wolves United is no more an excuse for that violation than was the attempt to remove the Founderless Regions Alliance from Lazarus in 2015.

We were not aware that Stujenske had temporarily reclaimed the Delegacy of Lazarus under a new disguise, nor that Adytus was Feux before April. Feux had become a member again well before we were aware that he had taken up an alternate ego and had been using that in other regions in the years when he was exiled. Feux was used by Aleisyr as insurance so that any people opposed to Imki might endorse him instead of any alternate candidates trying to supplant Imki. Adytus was allowed to fade away and no mention of him was made again. Aleisyr later told Feux to keep Adytus dead as a persona when the possibility of reviving him to troll people was brought up. We should have addressed to Imki and her government when this transition completed and Imki secured the Delegacy that Adytus had been Feux. If his identity was not welcome there, it was nonetheless relevant to Lazarus’ security to be aware that one of our members had been behind the scenes in the region for some time.

During the Peacekeeper phase of Lazarus under Imki, the New Pacific Order insisted that Feux be given a place among them. This was doubted by many and called a power play by us. The purpose of this was to hopefully have someone advocate for a middle line instead of a hard raider or defender stance. There was no intention to coup Lazarus during this time or control its events by placing Feux in the government in the future. The objective was justifiable to us, but ultimately we respected the wish of the others to not include someone viewed as a couper and who might have given the idea that NPO was running things. This would give the government more legitimacy, and the NPO members involved accepted that. As you can gather from the Adytus revelation, that was a valid concern, although none really were aware of it at the time. There was no malicious intent behind the inclusion of Feux. Simply the desire to keep Lazarus from swinging ideologically or falling vulnerable to a governance system that could endanger the newfound peace in the region.

Because of these incidents, whether the fault of our members or that which occurred with full knowledge and consent of the former Senate, we offer a sincere apology to Lazarus and everyone in the region. The New Pacific Order wants to make it clear that this is not a direction it will engage in or encourage in the future. If any of our members in the future think to sneak into Lazarus for a repeat of Feux’s actions, they will be chastised and their identity will be given to Lazarus’ leadership for the sake of transparency.

Signed on behalf of the New Pacific Order,

Lord of Darkness, Emperor
Xoriet, Legatus
Shnailand, Censor
Jar Wattinree, Tribune
Svezjacael, Quaestor
Community, Pontifex Maximus

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